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Leo Germin, M.D., FAANEM, EDX Lab Medical Director

Dr. Leo Germin
  • Board Certified in Neurology
  • Board Certified in Vascular Neurology
  • Board Certified in Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine
  • ASN Certified in Neuroimaging
  • ASN Certified in Neurosonology (Carotid US and TCD)
  • American Academy of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine Fellow
Professional Memberships
  • American Academy of Neurology
  • American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine
  • American College of Hyperbaric Medicine
  • American Society of Neuroimaging
  • Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society
  • International Congress on Hyperbaric Medicine Lifetime Member
Academic Appointment

Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor at Touro University Nevada


Leo Germin, M.D., FAANEM is a highly qualified specialist certified by: American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, American Board of Electrodiagnostic and Neuromuscular Medicine as well as American Board of Vascular Neurology, with additional subspecialty certification in Neurosonology and Neuroimaging. Dr. Leo Germin is affiliated with numerous professional organizations including AAN, AANEM, ACHM and UHMS.

Dr. Leo Germin received his medical degree from one of the oldest medical faculties in Europe at the University of Vilnius, Lithuania. Leo Germin, M.D. practiced Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology and Hyperbaric Medicine for 10 years prior to relocating to the United States. In the US, Dr.Leo Germin completed an internship at the Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, completed Neurology Residency training at WLAMC/UCLA Department of Neurology and completed Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship training at UCSD.

As the original founder of Clinical Neurology Specialists, Dr. Leo Germin has been practicing Neurology in Las Vegas for over 15 years and has served as CNS' Medical Director for over 10 years. Dr. Leo Germin focuses primarily in the areas of electrodiagnostic medicine, and has special interest in noninvasive cerebrovascular ultrasound, dementia, multiple sclerosis, secondary stroke prevention and diseases of the peripheral nervous system. Dr.Leo Germin is also an assistant clinical professor at Touro University in Henderson Nevada.

zgZsolt Garami, M.D.
Director of Noninvasive Cerebrovascular Study Laboratory

Dr. Garami specializes in the Carotid and Transcranial Doppler Ultrasounds, MRI, CT, cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease prevention.

Dr. Garami is a member of the American Society of Neuroimaging, American Stroke Association, Radiology Society of North America, Hungarian Radiology Society and Hungarian Medical association of America.

Electrodiagnostic Lab Technicians

CNS Neurodiagnostics utilizes Board Certified, Board Eligible, and Specially Trained by Dr. Leo Germin as Electrodiagnostic Technologists. These professionals specialize in Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS) - a recording of electrical potentials from the peripheral nerves and Electroencephalogram (EEG) - a recording of the electrical activity of the brainwaves on a graph or computer.

Tech Staff

Electrodiagnostic Technologists are responsible for the following:

  • Taking medical histories and preparing the patient for the test
  • Explaining the procedure to the patient
  • Positioning the patient to ensure adequate accessibility and patient comfort
  • Applying EEG electrodes to the patient's head with adhesive paste
  • Making notes on the recorded graph to identify interferences such as poor electrode contact or patient movement during EEG
  • Recognizing, identifying and resolving artifact, and determining whether physiologic, non-physiologic
  • Monitoring the patient during the EEG procedure and responding to medical emergencies such as convulsive seizures
  • Maintaining the diagnostic equipment to ensure accurate testing and diagnosis
  • Removes recording electrodes and cleans electrode and stimulation sites according to recommended established guidelines
  • To understand the physiology of the study being performed
  • Determine stimulation intensity to produce the proper waveforms
  • Adequately warming the patient limb
  • ...and much more
EDX Lab Medical Director

Dr. Leo Germin is a Diplomate of the American Board of Electrodiagnotic Medicine (ABEM).

According to the ABEM a Diplomate "is awarded to individuals who have completed a medical specialty graduate-training program that has been approved by the ACGME or RCPSC."

Dr. Leo Germin - ABEM Diplomate